Selection of Consultancy Services

Your hotel success depends on the daily contact between guest/market and your employees. It is exactly there, where my consultancy services take effect.

Please view my specific consulting-proposals (Workshops, Trainings, Seminars, Presentations...) for you:
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The quality "Moment of Truth": This is a precisely defined point; where guests' expectations/perceptions are met by the level of your hotel services... How will you manage this challenge goal? What will have to be done? How do you measure your success? read more

Project Development in hotel and tourism: From project definition (USP; Optimal organisational structure etc..) to project implementation (plausibility of feasibility, quality assurance etc…) and project opening (search for operator, pre-opening ,management…) read more

Branding in hotel and tourism—your hotel becomes a brand: Guests have expectations- how to fulfil them daily (24 hrs a day).What's your—non copy able—promise? How do you deliver-communicate this externally (market driven) and internally (organisation driven)? read more

Employees` development in hotel and tourism: From the very first contact to the first working day on the job - the on - the -job training as well as the possible departure (exit interview). What are your employees` musts?
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Get excellent employees in hotel and tourism: andreas vögl has a longstanding national & international network of excellent contacts to identify potentially interesting employees for your hotel. ( GMgrs, Department Heads).
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Together we shall succeed in hotel and tourism: Successful co- operations—be it horizontally or vertically- as a basis for sustainable business success. Are you fit to co-operate? a.vögl is co author of the sole handbook on successful hotel cooperation in Austria. read more